Crassula montana

Observed by Eric Harley
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on 22nd May 2008
C montana
Crassula montana (2)

Crassula montana growing in a shale wall in the Karoo. 2nd pic is same species growing in cultivation (Tokai). 3rd pic is a rooted leaf cutting (Crassulas are good at this).

Location: R63, Central Karoo DC
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Possible Hybrid between Capitella and Exilis perhaps.....?


Unlikely ...

It's too widespread - I saw very similar plants around Beaufort West, so it probably grows along the Great Escarpment.

But who knows how big a role hybridisation has played in plant evolution in the distant past?

Best wishes,

Best wishes,
Derek Tribble
London, UK

Check out...

what Toelken has to say about it.

Seems like he's been there, done that, burned the T-shirt ;-)

C. capitella is

C. capitella is extraordinarily variable. I have a few in cultivation - I'll post some picies shortly (is that OK, Tony or do you only aprove of wild in situ plants??)

Eric Harley


We do aliens, garden plants, stuff found in rucksacks, contraband: why not horticultural specimens?

Do you know where they originated from? - That would be most useful! Not sure though what you should put for locality: origination or current location?
Take your pick, provided that you make it clear!