Observations in the Order: Clupeiformes

Shoal of small fish at Castle Rocks

By: Pbsouthwood
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Location: Castle Rocks
Observed on: 19th March 2006
Added to iSpot: 1st April 2014
Identifications: 2
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Estuarine roundherring

Gilchristella aestuaria
By: Mark Brown
Natures Valley Trust
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Location: Groot River Estuary
Observed on: 6th March 2014
Added to iSpot: 7th March 2014
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 2
Comments: 0

Gilchristella aestuaria

 Gilchristella aestuaria
By: Nicky
Botanical Society of South AfricaCustodians of Rare and Endangered WildflowersMountain Club of SA (South Cape)OutrampsSucculent Society of South Africa
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Location: Gericke's Point
Observed on: 25th February 2012
Added to iSpot: 28th February 2012
Identifications: 2
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Comments: 2

Stranded sardine

By: Caroline Voget
Botanical Society of South AfricaFriends of Meadowridge Common
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Location: Hout Bay Beach
Observed on: 30th November 2011
Added to iSpot: 30th November 2011
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 5
Comments: 9
Description: The "sardine run" show was on in Hout Bay this morning with thousands of gulls, cormorants, terns, seals and dolphins all partaking extraordinarily. This sardine was washed up briefly before being snapped up by a tern.

Fish trapped in rock pool

By: Jeff
Location: Olifantsbos, Cape Point
Observed on: 5th September 2011
Added to iSpot: 5th September 2011
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 6
Comments: 1
Description: About 20cm long.

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