Observations in the Species: Delphinus delphis

English Name: Shortbeak Common Dolphin

Common Dolphin

By: KoosAdAqua
Sea Fish Atlas
KoosAdAqua's reputation in MammalsKoosAdAqua's reputation in Mammals
Location: Algoa Bay
Observed on: 26th February 2009
Added to iSpot: 19th August 2014
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 2
Comments: 0


By: Elodie
Sea Fish AtlasSeaKeys
Location: 14, Lions Paw
Observed on: 21st December 2009
Added to iSpot: 12th August 2014
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 0
Comments: 0

Common Dolphin _Eugene

By: goukammarangers
Cape Nature
goukammarangers's reputation in Mammals
Location: N2, Knysna
Observed on: 21st December 2013
Added to iSpot: 22nd December 2013
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 3
Comments: 2

Dead dolphin Betty's Bay

By: Alice Aubrey
South African National Biodiversity InstituteSpider Club of South Africa
Alice Aubrey's reputation in MammalsAlice Aubrey's reputation in Mammals
Location: Betty's Bay beach
Observed on: 14th May 2013
Added to iSpot: 20th May 2013
Identifications: 2
Agreements: 1
Comments: 3
Description: Sorry about the rather poor cell phone images. The dolphin was not very big - approx 3-4 feet long.

Common Dolphin

By: kenmkenm is knowledgeable about Mammalskenm's earned reputation in Mammalskenm's earned reputation in Mammalskenm's earned reputation in Mammals
Location: Walker Bay, Hermanus
Observed on: 18th August 2011
Added to iSpot: 16th November 2011
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 6
Comments: 5

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