Observations in the Species: Oryctolagus cuniculus

English Name: Rabbit

European Rabbit

European Rabbit1
By: LiezelKLiezelK's reputation in Mammals
Location: Jutten Island
Observed on: 18th December 2013
Added to iSpot: 17th January 2014
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 1
Comments: 0
Description: A very tame, juvenile European Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus (European rabbit)

Oryctologus cuniculus (European rabbit)
By: Nicky
Botanical Society of South AfricaCustodians of Rare and Endangered WildflowersMountain Club of SA (South Cape)Succulent Society of South Africa
Nicky's reputation in MammalsNicky's reputation in MammalsNicky's reputation in Mammals
Location: Brenton-on-Lake
Observed on: 5th January 2014
Added to iSpot: 14th January 2014
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 2
Comments: 0
Description: A number of different coloured bunnies are hopping around Brenton-on-Lake.


Kirstenbosch 010 -
By: Michael McSweeney
BirdLife South AfricaSouth African National Parks Honorary Rangers
Michael McSweeney's reputation in MammalsMichael McSweeney's reputation in Mammals
Location: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Observed on: 29th December 2013
Added to iSpot: 29th December 2013
Identifications: 3
Agreements: 2
Comments: 3
Description: My first thought was Rabbit, but would be strange seeing them in Bot Gardens...escapee or deliberate release!


By: Ernest PorterErnest Porter's reputation in MammalsErnest Porter's reputation in Mammals
Location: Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens
Observed on: 30th July 2012
Added to iSpot: 1st December 2012
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 1
Comments: 5

European rabbit

By: Quintonvw1
Nature Conservation Corporation
Quintonvw1's reputation in Mammals
Location: 1, Karee Close
Observed on: 18th September 2012
Added to iSpot: 25th September 2012
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 3
Comments: 0
Description: Small, grey in colour but there are other colour varities from white, grey, sandy, black and mixed colours.


Picture 020
By: AndrewmAndrewm's reputation in Mammals
Location: Rhodes Memorial St, Table Mountain (Nature Reserve)
Observed on: 10th September 2011
Added to iSpot: 10th September 2011
Identifications: 2
Agreements: 3
Comments: 1
Description: It was on the grass patch next to the Memorial. Should we be worried?

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