Observations in the Species: Stenella attenuata

English Name: Pantropical Spotted Dolphin

spotted dolphin

By: LvDLvD's reputation in MammalsLvD's reputation in Mammals
Location: Second Beach Rd, Port St Johns
Observed on: 16th July 2014
Added to iSpot: 20th July 2014
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 1
Comments: 0

Long-beaked common dolphin

Long-beaked common dolphin
By: PietPiet's reputation in MammalsPiet's reputation in Mammals
Location: 9, St Blaize Hiking Trail
Observed on: 6th August 2013
Added to iSpot: 25th February 2014
Identifications: 2
Agreements: 0
Comments: 1

PantopicalSpotted Dolphin

By: kenmkenm is knowledgeable about Mammalskenm's earned reputation in Mammalskenm's earned reputation in Mammalskenm's earned reputation in Mammals
Location: St Helena, SH
Observed on: 5th February 2012
Added to iSpot: 3rd June 2012
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 2
Comments: 0

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