DSCF1488 (Small)

Observed by Marloth fieldrangers
Cape Nature
on 1st November 2012
DSCF1488 (Small)
DSCF1487 (Small)
Location: R60, marloth nature reserve
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Other observations of Cyrtanthus odorus


Age of veld?

Age of veld? When was the fire?


Try Cyrtanthus Firelily ...

Disa inflexa

Seems to mimic it a bit.

a bit?

But Disa inflexa is 10mm long and this is 80mm long.

If the "mimicry" is anything to do with pollination (and everything with flowers IS pollination), then this is a bad as a Chihuahua trying to mimic a Great Dane in the hope that Just Nuisance will mate with it.

A bit far fetched??


ok, when you put it like that!

Requested Comment deleted.

Requested Comment deleted.