Kleinmond dinner drama

Observed by magrietb
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on 19th December 2012
Silver Vleispider with prey ventral
Silver Vleispiders with prey oblique
Silver Vleispider with prey lateral
Silver Vleispider got a second fly
Silver Vleispider silking it up
Silver Vleispider silking
Silver Vleispider wrapping
Silver Vleispider posterior
Silver Vleispider bringing it home
Silver Vleispider back to eating

What to do when the second helping turns up while you're still busy with your first? No biggy.

Location: Kleinmond
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Amazing photos

Fantastic photos that tell such an interesting story. Thank you!

Shouldn't be hard to ID to species...

BUT records on the SANSA virtual museum are a tad confusing. Is there sexual dimorphism? Ansie Dippenaar mentions the males and females being of a similar size but males have "strong tubercles on their chelicerae used during mating" - see http://www.ispot.org.za/node/134408

Based on the above link this is not L. festiva unless if the red/black in the abdominal pattern is quite variable. Experts, please?